Does The Rocky Horror Show Still Rock?

Does The Rocky Horror Show Still Rock?

It’s astounding – and It’s just a jump to the left to the Opera House Manchester for an unforgettable night at the Rocky Horror Show. 

Richard O’Brien’s ‘The Rocky Horror Show’ continues to be celebrated as one of the wackiest cult musicals of all time. And the same can be said for the stage play adaptation, the rock and roll musical sensation has been captivating audiences worldwide for decades, but there is something extra special about this year’s UK tour – as theatre goers like myself are welcomed back after a yearlong hiatus due to the coronavirus. For this reason, I found myself at the stunning Opera House theatre in Manchester on a Tuesday night to experience this phenomenal, raunchy, hilarious, and of course nostalgic production for myself. 

Now, for those of you who don’t know, ‘The Rocky Horror Show’ is a kind-of parody of old-school classic horror movies but with a twist. In short, two recent colleague graduates, Brad and Janet are on their way to visit their old colleague professor when their car breaks down. Now just like any classic horror film, instead of waiting until daylight and seeking help, the two love birds decided it was a better idea to knock on the door of the creepy looking mansion in the middle of nowhere, and also in the middle of the night. What could go wrong? 

Only wanting to borrow a phone to call for help, the young couple found themselves in what can only be described as a scary, weird and slightly horny nightmare – or heaven, depending on what you're into I suppose. Upon entering the creepy mansion, they meet Dr Frank N Furter and get wrapped up in his madcap plans to create his own chiselled, ab-defined, gorgeous and simply ‘out-of-this-world' - quite literally, looking boyfriend. It’s a good thing we have tinder today.  

Brad and Janet are taken on an unforgettable journey, and you're taken along for the ride. Now although this stage-play has been around for years, due to the current pandemic, there was of course changes in the script – and in my opinion, the changes made it 10x better. They made reference and jokes about politics, the government, Boris Johnson and Covid-19 – all of which were lapped up by the audience and resulted in outbursts of laughter.  

I obviously have to talk about the songs in the play – it is a musical after all. It’s safe to say that after last night I have officially mastered the ‘Time Warp’. The sheer enthusiasm, joy and pure nostalgia of the classic songs, mixed with the well-known dance routines and the humorous and pantomine-esque dialogue only amplified the experience. I must admit I wasn’t a die-hard fan of the film or play as others clearly were on the night. This was proven by the amazing costumes people wore to the show, and the constant shouting of phrases from the film. The atmosphere was just pure class. They opened and ended the show with the classic ‘Time Warp’ song and got everyone up dancing. It truly was the best way to start and finish the show.  

Besides all the humour, raunchiness and chaotic energy, the underlying message of ‘The Rocky Horror Show’ really shined through. Don’t dream it; be it. The acceptance of sexuality, and being open, free and just living life how you want to live it is displayed excellently in the play. And it’s why I believe the show is just as relevant and popular today – maybe even more so, than when it first came to be.    

I’d 10/10 would recommend anyone to go and see the show!

Now, why don’t you jump to the left, and then a step to the right, with your hands on your hips, and book tickets to see The Rocky Horror Show at a theatre near you.  



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