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Kirkham Grammar School

Kirkham Grammar School, Blackpool

Ribby Rd, Kirkham,, Lancashire, PR4 2BH

About Kirkham Grammar School

At Kirkham Grammar School we are convinced that in an environment that currently has a high reputation, we must continue to strive to offer the very best to all of our pupils. When one stands still, one is in effect going backwards. Kirkham Grammar is a remarkable school within the North-West educational landscape.  In nurturing well-qualified, compassionate, self-assured members of the community, our vision sets out the opportunity to look forward and plan without losing sight of what has come before. Every child travels through our school only once and deserves the very best. The family ethos of the school is fundamental and should be a key factor in driving our future plans for growth and expansion. Our seven year vision views the Foundation from 3 – 18 years as the key to our current and future ongoing success. The school has a particular niche within the marketplace and we must be careful to consider this in our planning.  The expectation for any potential family joining Kirkham Grammar School is to join us for the journey from Pre-School through to Sixth Form.  Therefore, all the facilities we provide and develop are of equal importance. 

So what is it that makes such a school so special and unique? The range of opportunities given to our pupils is the main reason for such an envious reputation.

I firmly believe from my years as a Headmaster that it is the breadth and balance of the provision that helps pupils become the best they can possibly be. That must incorporate both the aspiration to succeed to the very highest levels and also an opportunity to find an activity within the school which gives all pupils the chance to excel. I have been overwhelmed at how many co-curricular opportunities are available in our school.  The diversity and range of clubs and societies that take place weekly is outstanding and a true testament to the staff and pupils.

The virtue of a school does not depend entirely on its classrooms, the equipment in its laboratories, the number of its pupils, nor even the success of its exam results.  There is an unseen influence that is exerted by buildings and surroundings that are beautiful and dignified. These are in keeping with fine honourable traditions and high ideals embedded at Kirkham Grammar School. We offer something that is intangible but very real, the atmosphere in which we dwell and the pervasive spirit which surrounds us, influences all of which we strive to achieve. Our most recent inspection confirmed what we all knew about Kirkham Grammar School; it is the best kept educational secret in Lancashire.  However, we are delighted that it has been officially acknowledged against national criteria that we are working hard to ensure our pupils get the finest education. The inspection found that the quality of the pupils' academic and other achievements and the quality of the pupils' personal development is excellent. Pupils reflect the strong family ethos of the school and demonstrate excellent collaboration in and out of lessons. Pupils develop excellent levels of confidence at all ages, supported by the strong PSHE (Personal, Social, Health and Educational) and enrichment programmes. Pupils show a clear respect for different faiths and diversity, demonstrating excellent levels of empathy and tolerance towards others. Pupils make informed choices, empowered and supported by their teachers.

The longer I spend at Kirkham Grammar School, the more I understand what clearly makes it such a unique school. We are about so much more than academic achievement and continue to thrive in a challenging market. The life of a school over a full academic year is a busy one. As Headmaster of Kirkham Grammar School this experience continues to be filled with wonderful opportunities.

As the school motto clearly states, ‘Ingredere Ut Proficias’.

Mr Daniel Berry


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