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London Vocal Coach

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Hi, I'm Nikki Lamborn.

As a vocal coach I am unique in that I’ve been touring, performing and recording my whole life and still am!

I was lucky enough to train with vocal coach Glynn Jones for 15 years, I went every week, even if I had to pay my bills late! Glynn taught, Annie Lennox, Elton John, Tom Jones, Heather Small, Spice Girls and many more icons of our time.

Once you start to use this technique you’ll be shocked at the short time it takes to hear a difference in your voice. You'll hear your voice sounding stronger, with more resonance. Your confidence will soar and you will be astonished at the ease with which you’ll hit notes that you never thought you could.

I TAKE YOUR VOICE TO THE GYM... Singers often say, I don’t need a vocal coach, I’m doing just fine! OR singers get asked, “Why do you go to a Singing Coach you’ve got a great voice?”

Professional footballers don't just play on Saturdays! They train six days a week for hours.

It's the same for singers... yes you can already sing, but a lot of singers stay in a vocal range that's comfortable for them. Most will sing their repertoire in the same key a safe key which ends up giving their show no dynamics.

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