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About MGR

mgr’s specialist media and entertainment division has worked in the sector for over 40 years and has become the trusted advisor to many household names in both the entertainment and sport sectors. Our team can help you or your company with every aspect of your personal and business finances. This might be running the finances for a rock band’s global tour, collecting merchandising royalties for a Premier League football club or managing a celebrity vlogger’s day-to-day bank accounts. We make sure you are compliant with international and home territory tax legislation whilst minimising your tax exposure and submitting your HMRC and IRS returns on time. We will administer your VAT, produce and submit your annual accounts and help you with the drafting and negotiating of new contracts.

Our clients include musicians, rock bands and their management teams, tour managers and tour accountants, actors and theatrical agents, film and TV directors and producers, production accountants, screenwriters and score composers, vloggers, film technicians, photographers, sports stars, football clubs, video game developers, record labels, merchandisers and publishers. We give our entertainment and sports clients the information and advice they need in a way that is simple to understand and implement. We are also happy to work in tandem with other professional advisors, such as a legal team and independent financial advisors.

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